GameBanshee Forums Revamped

After an early stint with Ultimate Bulletin Board and over a decade with vBulletin, the GameBanshee Forums have officially jumped to a new forum system called XenForo. Essentially, it's a much leaner and faster version of vBulletin with a lot of modern bells and whistles (including things like social networking integration and SEO support without using add-ons), which makes it a lot more future-proof than other offerings and more user-friendly across the board. And while the ex-vB developers who created it are dealing with legal troubles, I'm confident that it'll be a popular forum software for years to come with plenty of support from both the design team and the growing development community.

In any event, I invite you to stop by, have a look around, post a message or two, and see what you think. And if happen to stumble upon any issues with the migration, or would like to voice your opinion on any of the new software's strengths or weaknesses, by all means do so here or in the forums themselves.  Our forums certainly haven't been as active in recent months as they once were, but with a shiny new engine and some help from the amazing community who visits here every day for RPG news and our dedicated subsites, we might be able to muster up a resurgence-of-sorts to add to the plethora of information already available within its recesses.