Star Wars: The Old Republic Executive Producer Leaves, More Layoffs

Gamasutra is reporting that Star Wars: The Old Republic's executive producer Rich Vogel has left BioWare Austin. In addition to that, more layoffs at the developer seem to have taken place:
Vogel was instrumental in the development of SWTOR, overseeing all aspects of the MMO before and after its launch in December. The online game, though, has lost around half a million paid subscribers in recent months, and BioWare Austin recently said it's considering free-to-play options for the title.

Reports also emerged on Tuesday morning that the Austin office is laying off workers, but it's unclear if this headcount reduction is part of the restructuring plan BioWare announced in May. Though its parent company Electronic Arts didn't specify then how many employees would be affected, the publisher said those layoffs were necessary in order for the team to maintain and grow SWTOR.

Former BioWare Austin's web developer Ben Marshall confirmed on Twitter that there has indeed been a second round of layoffs at the studio:
Anyone know of a web developer position open in the Austin, TX area? Second round of layoffs at BioWare Austin and my name was on the list .

Our best wishes to all those that lost their jobs, we hope we can find another sooner rather than later.

Thanks NeoGAF.