Inquisitor English Beta Coming Soon, All Three Characters Will Be Available

Throughout the months of June and July, the team at Cinemax has provided us with several brief updates on the progress they've made with Inquisitor's English translation on the game's Facebook page, but as of this morning they finally committed to releasing a demo version with English text for all three characters "by the end of this month". Hit our image gallery for a single new screenshot, then take in the good news below:
We are sure you would like to hear some news, so here it comes: The proofreading of both the non-dialogue texts and the priest's dialogue texts was finished. We compiled the first beta build (with priest only) and uploaded it to our FTP server, but then we found out that the adaptation of priest's dialogues for paladin runs much faster than we ever hoped for, and thus we decided to postpone the beta a bit and launch it with all three characters available from the very beginning. We need about one more day to have the paladin's dialogues ready and a few other days then to prepare the dialogues for thief. I believe it is safe to say that the beta will be launched full-scale by the end of this month.