Krater: Shadows Over Solstide Reviews

In case you are still on the fence when it comes to Fatshark's party-based post-apocalyptic hack'n'slash Krater: Shadows Over Solstide, we have rounded up a few more critiques to help you.

GameSpot, 5.0/10.
Sadly, Krater never finds a way to distinguish itself from other, better action RPGs out there. At first, the distinctive Swedish setting is alluring, and the ethereal music that plays on the world map lends this land an enchanted feel. But soon each area you visit looks a lot like an area you've already visited, and the tendency of your squad members to utter the same silly statements over and over again begins to grate. And so, bogged down by rote combat and a frustrating leveling system, the act of exploring Krater's large world loses its luster. Currently there are nonfunctioning buttons in menus for online multiplayer options, and you never know what the future will bring. But as it stands, there are far more rewarding adventures for would-be fortune hunters to embark on.

GamElitist, 3/5.
Though it sometimes doesn't know what it really wants to be, Krater provides for a bit more than a distraction. With proper support and a healthy dose of content down the line, Krater can reach cult classic status. If it seems too niche for you then trust your gut. But if crafting gear, exploring an overhead map and micromanaging three units sounds fun then this game is yours to enjoy.

Invision Game Community, 4/5.
Krater is an enjoyable, engrossing game that is well worth your money. The combat is very repetitive and the menus could do with some streamlining but once you delve into the customization and crafting you can really start to have fun. For just over ten pounds, you get a well-made dungeon crawler that fans of Dawn of War and Tourchlight would love. With online co-op on the way, the inexpensive price tag makes this charming game a complete steal.

The Controller Online, 8/10.
Fans of Dungeon Crawling Action-RPG's will find plenty to enjoy in Krater, with its endless exploration and tons of loot around every corner, but some of the things it does differently such as the lack of new abilities and the low-level cap may cause you to grow tired of it quicker than you may like. If you can look past some its technical issues, you will find that most of Krater's risks pay off and that it's more than just another Diablo clone.