Zeboyd Games Interview

With Breath of Death VII, Cthulhu Saves the World, and Penny Arcade Adventures Episode Three all under their belt, Zeboyd Games' Robert Boyd took a moment to answer a selection of indie development-related questions for Rampant Games' Jay Barnson. Here's a teaser:
Jay: What propelled you to tackle indie RPGs, far from being the easiest of genres or, typically, the most profitable in the indie games space? And on XBLIG?

Robert: Turn-based console-style RPGs have always been my favorite genre of games to play so of course, it was my first choice when it came to making a full-fledged game. And XBLIG was the first opportunity for individual developers to easily release games on an actual video game system which meant a lot to me although in recent years, I've gravitated more towards the PC, for most of my life I did the vast majority of my game playing on video game consoles.


Jay: Onto the newest game! It sounded like the (Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness) series was dead and buried. But now Zeboyd has released the first of two (?) sequels to complete the story arc, of a different style (naturally) from the first games. How did that deal come about?

Robert: The Precipice of Darkness series was cancelled by the previous developer after the second game did poorly however Penny Arcade still wanted to finish the series. Unfortunately, they didn't know how. Then, Robert Khoo at Penny Arcade discovered our first RPG Breath of Death VII. He asked Jerry Holkins (aka Tycho) what he thought of continuing the series as an 8-bit or 16-bit style RPG. Jerry loved the idea so they contacted us and since we were already big Penny Arcade fans, we happily agreed.