Xenonauts Kickstarter Project Post-funding Updates #16-18

It's been a couple of weeks since we checked in on Goldhawk Interactive's Xenonauts, so I thought I'd share with you the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth updates that the team has made to their Kickstarter campaign following its successful funding. #16 alerts us to the fact that Desura keys have been sent out, #17 tells us all about the game's latest V12 build, and #18 shares the logistical nightmare involved with getting 500 people their physical goods before talking about the next build:
I'm still trying to figure out the logistics, but we were originally going to order the T-shirts and posters this weekend and ship them to everyone, then do the DVD copies and Art Books together post-release.

Having mused on it for a bit, I'm not sure that's a good idea. The real killer here is going to be the postage, and mailing out the T-shirts and Art Books / DVD copies at different times doesn't seem a good idea given they can share the same box (otherwise we'll be paying double postage).

I also considered just sending out the T-shirts to those who only want to recieve a T-shirt and no other physical goods, but this is less than half of the total people who want a T-shirt. This means I'd have to find the space for about 150 t-shirts, and there's not a lot of room for that.

It's more than likely we'll just send out all the physical rewards once the DVD copies have been produced (i.e. once the game has been released). The only exception might be the posters, as they're such an awkward shape that we won't be able to fit them in the normal packing and will probably have to send them seperately. If that is the case, we may as well get them sent out ASAP. We'll let you know what the plan is soon in any case.

There's another build coming out this weekend, which will include fixes for the major crash bugs in the last version and will add a few new features. It'll also include all the custom pre-generated soldiers, so if you've paid to have your name in the game you'll be in the next build. I'll post another update with full details when the build is released.

The Linux porting is coming along, and we're currently testing the port with a few pre-orderers who use Linux. It's not done yet but hopefully it'll make an appearance soon. The Mac port will follow after that.