Geneforge Series Now Available on

Spiderweb Software's entire Geneforge series is now available on for the more-than-reasonable price of $9.99, making it half the price of what Steam charges for the same package (for the next seven days anyway, after which it jumps up to $14.99). Word is:
The Geneforge Saga is an epic RPG that gives you tremendous freedom and non-linear gameplay as you determine the fate of a world. Take on the role of either a Shaper, who commands an army of powerful creations, or a Rebel fighting against everything the Shapers stand for. If you prefer to sling magic at your enemies, the Sorceress will be a perfect choice with her vast array of debilitating spells and hexes. Play a free-willed Servile, regain your freedom, and fight the Shapers' hegemony with your own army. Engage in diplomacy as you work for various factions that rule the world of Geneforge or grind the factions under your heel and take power for yourself.

Each game in the Geneforge Saga offers plenty of turn-based combat, a bevy of choices and consequences, and unique locations to explore. This is one of the most epic RPG series ever made, and you can pick it up on for under $3 per game!