Dragon Age Legends is Now a Completely Free Single Player RPG

There seems to be a lot of charity going around today, with the latest good news being that EA2D has packaged up Dragon Age Legends as a downloadable, single player, Adobe Air-powered game and released it for free to the masses on the very same day that the Facebook and Google+ versions are being taken offline. So if you want to spend some time with a fun little turn-based, party-based RPG, then this 166MB download should be in your future. What's more, we'll soon be able to download our old characters as savegame files:
Enjoy this epic, free RPG adventure game from BioWare. Battle demons and darkspawn with your friends, earn loot and build the ultimate castle.

Instructions for installing the game:

1. This game requires Adobe Air to run. Please download and install Air from http://get.adobe.com/air/ if you do not already have it installed.
2. Download the game to your computer.
3. Double-click the file to install Dragon Age Legends. It will install into your program folder under BioWare.

Online Characters

If you have played the online version of Dragon Age Legends on either Facebook or Google+, you will soon be able to download your character as a Saved Game and continue playing in the single-player game. We are gathering all the data now and it will be available within a few days. Check back soon for instructions on how to download your character from the online game!