Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.3 Interview

The editors over at Ten Ton Hammer managed to catch up with BioWare Austin's Daniel Erickson for a quick Q&A about the new features they'll be introducing in Star Wars: The Old Republic's forthcoming Update 1.3: Allies content patch, as well as some of their plans for future patches. Unfortunately, his answers are very terse:
TTH: With patch 1.3 being mainly a quality of life patch. Can we expect more content heavy patches for 1.4 and onwards?

Daniel: Definitely.

TTH: Will there be additional space combat missions in 1.3 or will there be new space combat model overall (such as free-form space combat)? How will multiplayer space combat be handled?

Daniel: New space missions are on their way but not for 1.3 and new space combat models are something we're deep in the prototype stages on but nothing we can talk about yet.

TTH: Will we see a level cap increase in the foreseeable future?

Daniel: We aren't able to talk about this at this time.