Deus Ex: Human Revolution Patched on PC

Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its add on The Missing Link have just been updated on the PC. So far, there's no apparent word on whether these updates will make their way to consoles. Among the changelog include fixes for a couple of game-ending bugs, as well as performance and visual improvements.

Full changes list:
- Some players accounted a problem where the Tai Young Medical shuttle in Hengsha would not arrive. This has been resolved.
- Existing save-games can be loaded and continued from normally, the shuttle will now arrive.
- We have provided a workaround for stability and performance issues on AMD FX CPUs with specific firmware versions.
- We have made further changes to reduce stuttering in the game.
- Improvements to background streaming of resources. (on DX11 only)
- Workarounds have been added for issues that can happen with Windows asynchronous file IO.
- We have improved parallelism with the graphics driver on dual-core machines. (should also benefit machines with more cores)
- SSAO has been improved to look less noisy.
- Various minor issues with 3DVision have been resolved.
As usual, the patch should be downloaded automatically by your Steam client.  If you're interested in firing up the game a second (or third) play-through, now seems like as good a time as ever.