Skyrim Fan Film "The Thief" Seeking Donations

It seems this one initially slipped past our radar, but independent filmmaker Chris Wood is looking for help funding his Skyrim-themed film, "The Thief".  Based on the game's Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood questlines, he's hoping for $1100 USD in total to continue his work.  Unlike some such projects, Chris has decided to use instead of the more popular Kickstarter. Here's a snippet:
For many people, gaming is a passionate, strong hobby. I would say the same for myself. My career ambition is to end up in the film industry doing what I love, and what better way to express my ambition and hobby than to combine them both together?

My name is Chris Wood, and this is what I did. I took my new favourite video game Skyrim and I used its fantastic canon and universe to create a visually exciting, interesting short film.

The Thief is the story of an attempted peace-treaty gone awry. Thrown in are the two most interesting sections of any Elder Scrolls game - The Thieves Guild and The Dark Brotherhood.
Seems as if he's gone all-out on costume design, and the trailer available certainly looks promising.