GB Feature: Risen 2: Treasure Isle Review

We've taken a closer look at Piranha Bytes' Treasure Isle DLC for Risen 2: Dark Waters in order to determine if the game's first set of DLC is worth the $10 asking price. Here's the intro:
Available for free to anyone who pre-ordered Risen 2: Dark Waters, and for $10/€10 to everyone else, "Treasure Isle" is the first story-based DLC for Piranha Bytes' pirate-themed open-world action-RPG. Following a rather interesting plotline that started in the first title and promising a whole new isle plus a series of quests leading to it, a new legendary item, and even a new (temporary) crew mate, "Treasure Isle" would appear like an extremely solid offering for the price, but unfortunately further investigation reveals what feels more like a minor addition, one that I wouldn't be surprised to find was cut from the full title.

It's a real pity too because, while lacking in content, "Treasure Isle" is certainly not lacking in quality, and in many ways what it offers is on par with some of the best questlines in Risen 2 and Piranha Bytes' previous games.