Unconfirmed: Deus Ex Coming to PlayStation 3

It appears like a now-removed PEGI listing hints at a forthcoming release of the original Deus Ex on PlayStation 3. Going by Eurogamer's report the game was listed with an age-rating of 16, compared to Human Revolution's 18, and might likely be a PSN re-release of the PS2 port of the game. Square Enix didn't provide any comment besides the fact that they do not comment on "rumour or speculation", but listings like that are generally pretty credible.

From my point of view the only question is: considering that in 2012 pretty much everyone has a PC that can run the original Deus Ex without problems and that the PS2 port of the title cut the levels in a significant way to cope with the hardware's limitations, is there anyone who is really eager to play a re-release of it?