Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth of Naros DLC Reviews

We have rounded up a number of reviews for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning's latest DLC, the ancient Greece-themed Teeth of Naros, starting with this one from Destructoid, 7.0/10.
Although you'll spend nowhere near the promised "at least 20 hours" of time in "Teeth of Naros," it's not a bad adventure for Reckoning fans; just not a great one, either. The main storyline will take you around four to five hours if you take the scenic route and complete a few sidequests along the way, and after finishing the main story of the DLC, you're looking at perhaps an hour or two of sidequesting, tops.

If there will ever be end-game DLC with more challenging areas for veterans players of Reckoning, perhaps the new loot in "Teeth of Naros" will make it worth picking up in preparation. Until then, this is a piece of DLC reserved for either the most die-hard of fans who just can't get enough, or for players who need the distraction and change of scenery before they finally finish the core game.

Inside Gaming Daily, 8.5/10.
Through the roughly eight hours added to the campaign in the Teeth of Naros, the scale of storyline emerged in a positive way, whether you're following your fate or crafting your own destiny. It definitely helps to collect all the possible side quests before descending into the sewers, or you'll find areas you know mean something, but can't activate until that quest is in your log. I have to say, it's also pretty easy. I bust out a few health potions against the Silverback Trolls on occasion, but never really felt threatened. That helped breeze through both the very linear main quest and the multiple side options. And that commitment remains plain weird: what is it about this game that is compelling me to a completest level never-before-seen? It's fun, simple, playable, looks okay, and you feel like a bad-ass. that'll do for another eight hours.

MSXbox World, 8.5/10.
Teeth of Naros sets itself apart from other DLC in most areas, such as graphics, gameplay and sound. With the stunning valleys, covered in wild flowers and surrounded by staggering stone cliffs, characters whose voices differ in every way and flawless gameplay from location to location. Overall, the Teeth of Naros adds a total of 15+ hours of extremely riveting and very scenic gameplay in a host of new areas that is sure to make your time and money worth it even if you have dumped massive amounts of time into the game already.

Leviathyn, 6.7/10.
Naros doesn't offer much new so if you're looking to save your €10/$10 or 800MSP there are better alternatives available on the Store and Marketplace otherwise it's not a mess by any means but it simply isn't a necessary addition to the game.