Dead State Design Update, Community Q&A

DoubleBear's Brian Mitsoda has cranked out another design update over at the official Dead State forums, and this time he's opening the floor for community-submitted questions about the zombie-themed RPG, their Kickstarter plans, role-playing games in general, and anything else. Head on over and take him up on his offer:
Now, this week, I thought we'd open up the forum to questions for the developers. Since we have some new members to the forums and quite a few people are still wondering about our Kickstarter plans, we're dedicating the update to answering your questions. Ask us about Dead State, Kickstarter, RPGs, making indie games whatever you've been itching to ask the devs, we're here to take your questions.

We have just a few simple rules:

1.   It should be a question. I know that seems obvious, but it has to be said.

2.   If you think it's a suggestion, snarky comment, irrelevant to this thread, please don't post it.

3.   Please read the FAQ if you haven't before we answer a lot of basic questions in there.

4.   If we don't answer something, it was probably because of rule 2 or 3.

We'll answer your questions up until next Monday, so if you don't have one right now, you've got a whole week to come up with a good one.