Shadowbane Resurrection Incoming?

French website JeuxOnline brings word that Chinese developer Changyou has acquired the rights to Wolfpack/Ubisoft's PvP-heavy MMO Shadowbane and intends to relaunch it as "World of Shadowbane" in the near future. It's unclear if it will make it to North America or Europe, and even if it does, I think they'd have their work cut out for them in finding a (returning) audience:
We thought the game permanently closed, but today, the Chinese Changyou (who revealed the Chinese press to future massively multiplayer titles in its catalog) says it has acquired the rights and source code of the ancient Shadowbane. Target acquisition: initiate the development of a new version of , discount up to date, and renamed World of Shadowbane. It's unclear when the project gets going, or even whether it will be distributed in the West (however easily be imagined that Changyou sees the opportunity to strengthen its positions at least in the U.S.), mas Shadowbane seems anyway to then enjoy a second youth.
I apologize for the odd quote, but Google Translate is the best I can do.