Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy Promotion Expanded

When BioWare Austin announced that all Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers with a level 50 character would get 30 days of free game time, it was actually met with a lot of anger from those players who have stood by the game since day one but haven't yet maxed out a character. So in order to extinguish some flames and extend the free game time to more fans, BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk has revealed the team's plans to expand the promotion to anyone who has attained Legacy Level 6 - and they're even giving us until April 22nd to meet the criteria:
Hello everyone! At BioWare we're always listening to our fans and we've heard our community's comments around players with Level 50 characters being the only group awarded 30 days of play time. We appreciate the feedback and are pleased to announce that we are expanding our Legacy Promotion, also awarding 30 days of play time at no charge to players that have reached Legacy Level 6 (who may not have a 50th level character).

We just released the innovative Legacy System as part of Game Update 1.2, and felt that looking at Legacy point progression across all of your characters was a great way to reward our most avid players. This means that any of the experience you earn with any of your characters brings you closer to the goal of Legacy Level 6. The choice of how to get to Legacy Level 6 is yours.

First, you need to have passed Chapter 1 to unlock your legacy. Examples of how to get to Legacy Level 6 include:

'¢ A pair of characters Level 45 and 42
'¢ A trio of characters of Levels 45, 32 and 32
'¢ A bunch of characters Levels 35, 33, 31, 29 and 20
'¢ A single 50th level character that has enjoyed the endgame for a brief time

Remember these are just examples you're free to choose how to earn your Legacy experience to gain Legacy Level 6.

We've also got another significant piece of good news: everyone will have until April 22nd at noon CDT (5:00pm GMT - click here for a time zone converter) to have a Level 50 character or Legacy Level 6 on their account to get 30 days of game time on us. (Your 30 days of game time will be applied to your account on April 25th by 11:59pm CDT.) Players will now have multiple options, as well as more time, to try and reach these goals and play all the great new content in Game Update 1.2.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and will do our best to surprise and delight our customers.

Dr Greg Zeschuk
Studio GM, BioWare Austin