Avernum: Escape From the Pit Review

There haven't been exactly a lot of reviews for Spiderweb Software's Avernum: Escape From the Pit so far, so anyone who's interested in it will want to read the latest one, coming from OMGN, that awards Jeff Vogel's remake a positive 8.0/10 . Here's a snip:
The game can be bought on Steam (or at Spiderweb Software's website) for $20. For simply owning the original, you can grab it for $10. The enhanced graphics resemble Spiderweb Software's more recent games, such as Avernum 6 and Avadon: The Black Fortress, and also include much better character portraits. The game's leveling system also works differently, again resembling the last two iterations. Characters can now choose two new skills every level instead of earning distributable points. You can now also learn a new trait every other level, instead of sticking with only two at character creation. In addition, there's a new town, a slew of new quests, dungeons, and characters.

Overall, Avernum - Esacpe From the Pit is a great game if you're looking for a simple, addicting, classic RPG experience for a reasonable price, and I whole heartily enjoyed it. It may be over before you know it, until you realize that Escape From the Pit is only the first of a series of six. If you loved Ultima or even fancy tactical RPGs, this game won't disappoint.