CD Projekt Red Spring Conference Report, Fallout Free for Next 48 Hours

In a live press and video conference, CD Projekt RED has made a few new announcements. They opened up by talking about the Witcher franchise, including citing the sales number of 1.1 million sold for PC so far. Assuming that is sold-through, that's a really good number. A new 6-minute trailer, rendered in the RED engine, will be released tomorrow. 4 hours of new gameplay, 33 minutes of new movies & cinematics, 3.5 minute CGI intro added to the Enhanced Edition, which will also be released for PC in automatic updates from 17th of April (predownloadable from the 11th), with 10 GB of extra content. They spent some time showing off the game running on the Xbox 360, which looked pretty good, with a flexible camera following whoever you focus target in combat.

For UK buyers, Marcin Iwiński confirmed GAME and Gamestation pre-orders will be honored and consumers who pre-ordered there will be able to pick up their copies when the game is released.

CD Projekt RED is making a 1000 review copies of the Xbox 360 version available via (register by 9th of April).

The first Witcher sold a total of 2.2 million. The conference played a trailer, announcing the game will be out on Mac exclusively on Steam for 9.99 USD, 7.99 EUR or 6.99 GBP. It will be one of those two-platform Steam titles, where one copy is valid for downloads for either Mac or PC.

Moving on, they had yet another trailer, for an interactive digital comic book coming to iOS. It will be released for free on the 17th of April for iPhone and iPad.

Moving on to "extraordinary announcements", first was a joint announcement for CD Projekt RED and No matter how or where you bought the Witcher 2 (retail or digital), you can now unlock a free backup copy at Go to from the 17th of April. will start offering newer games in Premium Editions (which means digital artbook, soundtracks, and the like), always DRM-free. The first title announced was Assassin's Creed, with a lot of extras like an artbook, soundtrack, concept art, user avatars and wallpapers in digital form. Second was Heroes of Might & Magic V complete with expansion packs. Both titles will be $19.99, but they'll be offered packaged together for $19.99 on sale until April 12th. They also showed a point-and-click/exploration game from the makers of Machinarium, which will be available for preorder on for $8.99, called Botanicula.

And finally, as a bonus to existing and new users, they are going to gift Fallout for free for the coming 48 hours.