Fallout Vision Document Revealed

Game Pitches has the original Fallout GURPS vision document available in full (it was quotee from by Todd Howard here). It discussed 14 points of Fallout's core philosophy, back when it still had GURPS.
12. Detailed character creation rules and premade characters (more choices, imagine that from a role-playing game)

The player can choose between detailed rules for making his character (like buying attributes, skills, advantages and selecting disadvantages to get more points) or he can choose from a set of three characters that we will make.

The premade characters will be detailed, and will embody the three types of players: combat, stealth and diplomacy boy. This will let some players nitpick their characters to death, or jump right into the action.

As the player gains experience, he can improve his character's skills and attributes. This will let the player change his character during play.

Detailed character creation is important to many role-playing games, and it is certainly important to GURPS. Letting the player fine turn his own character will get the player more involved in the character, and thus the game.

13. We are making this for the public, but we'll make the GURPS players happy (it gets pretty ugly when they get too happy, you need a lot of paper towels)

GURPS Fallout will be a GURPS title, using the GURPS rules. But first and foremost, it will be a fun role-playing game. It will just happen to have enough GURPS material to make the GURPSers happy. We must keep this in mind. The game comes first.

GURPS gives us:
'¢ detailed tactical combat (turn-based but not slow)
'¢ realistic NPC reactions and reaction based skills
'¢ complex characters that are very life like (with faults and advantages)
'¢ non-combat skills that are useful
'¢ balanced encounters
'¢ a core following of dedicated players
Thanks Fallout Archives.