The Bard's Tale iOS Now Includes Tales of the Unknown For Free

Just as inXile Entertainment promised last month, picking up a copy of The Bard's Tale on iTunes now nets you a free copy of 1985's Tales of the Unknown, Volume I: The Bard's Tale for a little old-school Skara Brae adventuring on your favorite iDevice. The bad news? The new version pushed out includes in-app purchases:
New Features:
'¢ Includes the original classic game The Bard's Tale I: Tales of the Unknown!
'¢ Earn free gold through TapJoy offers! Spend gold on in-app-purchases, or buy in-game silver at ten per gold!
'¢ New in-app-purchases for weapons, armor, instruments and Trow maps! (All items are attainable through game-play, eventually, if you are persistent)

'¢ Fix to prevent audio/cut-scene skipping on iOS 4.x.
'¢ Skip-button replaces screen-touch in cut-scenes to avoid accidental skips.
'¢ Dialog in shops can be skipped.
'¢ On loading a saved game, health is restored to a minimum of 50% to avoid dying on load.
'¢ Auto-saves disabled during cut-scenes to prevent issues with Hatcher in Stromness and with the Fire Elemental in the Frozen Tomb.
'¢ Additional minor fixes.