GB Feature: Grotesque Tactics II: Dungeons & Donuts Review

Having reviewed Evil Heroes back in 2010, Steven returns to give us his critique on Headup Games and Silent Dreams' Grotesque Tactics sequel. In short, he found it to be a solid improvement upon the first title:
The place where Dungeons & Donuts changes the most is in character development. In Evil Heroes, characters automatically gained attributes each time they gained a level, and they automatically received their special attacks as they advanced. But in Dungeons & Donuts, characters have talent trees, where talents give passive bonuses to characters and their attacks, and then as you put points into the trees, you unlock the special attacks. Unfortunately, just like with the non-linear campaign, while having talent trees and more complex character development sounds like a good thing, it's handled badly. The game doesn't indicate what the requirements are for the branches of the trees, or how skills are unlocked, and so once again the change makes the game more confusing rather than better. At one point I unlocked the "double tap" skill for Candy, and I used it a couple of times, but then it was greyed out for the rest of the game, and I have no idea if I didn't really unlock it, or if I encountered a bug, or both.
A bevy of new screenshots are now available in our image gallery, as well.