Skyrim vs. Reckoning

Given Ken Rolston's significant involvement with The Elder Scrolls series, I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone like GameSpy pitted Skyrim against Reckoning across a number of gameplay categories. Here are a few rounds that went to Skyrim:
Round 7: Bad Guys

TES V: Skyrim: A rogues gallery of foes to face, but the dragons are the stars of this show
KOA: Reckoning: Some especially colorful foes, but lacking in a marquee name, you know, like Dragon
Winner: Skyrim: Reckoning's big bosses are cool, but Skyrim has more of them, and they're frickin' dragons

Round 8: NPC Companions

TES V: Skyrim: Werewolves, a talking dog, a badass witch that killed her own mom...
KOA: Reckoning: A Dokkalfar (elf) with a British accent in a leather bikini and a drunk fortune teller
Winner: Skyrim: wasn't R.A. Salvatore supposed to be on Reckoning's team?

Round 9: Memorable Moments

TES V: Skyrim: Watching your horse kick ass, slaying your first dragon, taking arrows to the knee
KOA: Reckoning: Juggling your first foe, unleashing fate, facing building-sized bosses
Winner: Skyrim: when a game sparks meme creation(s), you know you've created something memorable (or awful)