Unconfirmed: Mass Effect 3 and Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Tie-ins

Siliconera brings word from an unnamed source that Square Enix and Electronic Arts have teamed up to offer a Mass Effect "costume" of some kind in Final Fantasy XIII-2 (and vice versa?) as DLC in the not-too-distant future. I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite cosmetic add-on to bring in revenue with:
Square Enix made a deal with Ubisoft to add an Assassin's Creed costume to Final Fantasy XIII-2 for the time-traveling hero Noel Kriess. Players will be able to dress Noel up in a costume based on Ezio Auditore in the future.

Mass Effect will have a similar collaboration, a source tells Siliconera, with a specially designed Mass Effect costume made for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Square and Electronic Arts working together? Don't look so surprised, remember Square Electronic Arts LLC?