Krater "Playable Vision" Out This Week

In a new press release sent out by Fatshark this morning, we not only learn that a "Playable Vision" of their action RPG Krater is due out this week, but that the team also intends to add co-op and PvP multiplayer to the game sometime down the road.  Read on for the goods:

STOCKHOLM, Sweden. February 13, 2012. Fatshark announces the start of the Playable Vision of Krater.

(The concept of alpha and beta has been watered down over the last couple of years that is why we have chosen to name the current version Playable Vision, as it hasn't reached what we consider alpha yet. We also want to stress that we listen to gamers and incorporate feedback that they give us.) says Martin Wahlund, CEO and Executive Producer at Fatshark. (We have a clear vision for the game, but the way to get there has already changed upon the feedback and suggestions we have received from our community on the initial game concept. The Playable Vision is the next step towards the final game.)

Krater is a lush post-apocalyptic top down RPG based around crafting, exploration and consequence. Consequence brings not only the ability for characters to improve themselves, but also the possibility to sustain permanent injuries and even death.

(We've decided to use the Swedish spelling of crater (Krater) since that's where our story takes place. Placing a post-apocalyptic RPG in Sweden gave us something more lush and different than the genre typical grey/brown deserts to work with.) says game designer Victor Magnuson. (We have tried to update the classic top-down RPG formula in real-time, allowing us to add co-op and player versus player game modes later on. However we have made sure that nostalgia is not lost in the process, creating a game that feels fresh but still familiar.)

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