Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Q&A #1

The first in what will most likely be many weekly community Q&As has appeared on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website, with this initial entry featuring answers from BioWare Austin's Daniel Erickson, Stephen Reid, and Gabe Amatangelo. A couple of stand-outs:
DarthNhiilus: Are you going to implement housing and guild features (like guild banks, guild ships)?

Daniel Erickson: Guild banks are coming in Game Update 1.2 and like PvP, guild features are a priority for the development team with a strike team focused on nothing but top guild concerns and requests. Guild capital ships are a huge undertaking, though, so expect to see more quality of life style guild features roll out before you and your allies start building your destroyer....


Many people asked: How are you planning on expanding the endgame experience?

Gabe Amatangelo: We are going to continue to introduce new Flashpoints, Warzones, and Operations on a regular basis. The story line will continue with all of the above as well as in solo-able missions. We will continue to evolve Crew Skills and crafting. We'll be introducing the Legacy System soon, as Daniel mentioned. Additionally, we have exciting PvP features planned, the first of which includes pre-season Ranked Warzones in Game Update 1.2.
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