Dead Island Ryder White DLC Reviews

Dead Island's Ryder White DLC campaign has received the review treatment by a few more publications, the results of which we have promptly rounded up. Just as with the previous reviews the reception is not particularly warm for Techland's downloadable effort.

The Sixth Axis, 5/10.
As much as Techland should be praised for taking a creative risk, the result is something that ultimately feels undecided, torn between a straight-up, set-piece laden FPS and an all-encompassing free-roaming RPG. Both have their appeal, but the current Dead Island framework simply isn't diverse enough to reconcile the two genres, especially not in a well-rounded yet flawed post-launch expansion.

GameCritics, 4.0/10.
I still count myself as a huge fan of Dead Island, but Ryder White takes too many wrong turns and strays from what made the original game what it was. Completists will surely want to see the twist ending, but more casual fans of the game don't have much reason to take this brutal, frustrating trip.

The Controller Online, 5.0/10.
If you absolutely loved Dead Island, and have an extra 800 MS points to spare, then you will enjoy the added story, and larger focus on guns in Ryder White, but you shouldn't expect to have the same experience or the same amount of fun you had with the original game. If you only sort of liked Dead Island, then keep your points and move on. By removing almost everything that was great about the orignal game, Techland and Deep Silver aren't supporting their game with DLC, they are ruining it.