The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's Three Most Ridiculous Quests

More than two months after its release we're still getting articles dedicated to dissecting Skyrim, the latest being an editorial from WhatCulture! that tries to pinpoint the three "most ridiculous" quests in the game. As such, it obviously contains spoilers, so read at your risk. Here's a snip:

Though this quest seems to have won over the majority of Skyrim players as an obvious homage to The Hangover, it also doubles as a messy, incoherent bunch of objectives that never live up to their full potential: two blokes racing around Skyrim trying to piece together what happened after a colossal drinking session should be hilarious. (Hey, uh, what if. what if we did a quest that was like, uh, The Hangover?) isn't the worst pitch in the world, but there's something lazy and insane about the way the story comes together in Bethesda's universe. Seriously.

It's all Sam's fault. He's an affable guy of course you're going to accept his invitation to get drunk. After the two of you down a couple of pints in Whiterun, you suddenly awaken with a prissy woman standing over you shouting in your ear to get up. In your stretch of utter debauchery, you've travelled halfway across the continent, stumbled into a temple and knocked some jugs and books over and stuff. That's not all: with Sam nowhere to be found, there's an amusing mystery to solve! But the next steps aren't particularly interesting and there's no sense of fun to be had (just like a real hangover, really). Eventually you're directed to a castle where nasty mages attack you and a portal opens up. It's not clear why.

You wander inside and appear in a misty wood which resembles a kind of hipster party paradise. Here you find a group of jolly men seated around a table, and Sam. He's pleased you've made it, offers no explanation about why the hell you're in a misty wood inside a portal (unless you follow the quest path exactly), and transforms into a daedra. With about as much tact as a tipsy uncle, he reveals that it's his job to spread cheer around Skyrim and that the whole quest was just a bit of fun at your expense. He doesn't offer to let you stay at the party and transports you back to Whiterun. Um.