Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition Now Available on GOG

I remember wondering why Good Old Games' release of Gothic 3 didn't include the Forsaken Gods expansion pack, but now we have the answer. Rather than bundle them together, the digital download service is now offering the Gothic 3: Forksaken Gods Enhanced Edition as a separate title for $9.99. $20 seems a bit steep for a pair of titles that arguably don't even meet the "good" old games definition, but who am I to argue when it's still a DRM-free experience?
Once again it is up to you, the nameless hero, to unite a torn land; Myrtana is not faring well. The peace between men and orcs, already built on shaky foundations, is crumbling to pieces for good. Gorn, the new ruler of Gotha, is raising an army and is sending wave after wave against Trelis, where the orcs have gathered behind the banner of their leader Thorus. The ruler of Rhobar frets on his throne, unsure if he should take sides in this conflict--and if so, for whom should he fight? Silden and Geldern are suffering under the skirmishes. The inhabitants are asking if Gorn has lost his mind and who can stop him now. Not only that, but you're not popular at the moment, as the promised peace of a thousand years has been exposed as a deceptive dream. Regain the trust of the settlements and their leaders, discover why the wars are brewing, and unite the quarreling empire once and for all!