Should Stardock Distance Fallen Enchantress From Elemental?

Given the ho-hum reception that Elemental: War of Magic received and the ambitious reworking they've done to Fallen Enchantress, I suppose it's only natural for Stardock to consider distancing the two titles from one another. To help figure out what the future holds for the expansion/sequel/standalone product, Stardock CEO Brad Wardell has tapped their audience for ideas:
In mid 2010, we released Elemental: War of Magic. This was our first attempt at: [A] a fantasy strategy game and [B] a game that involved terrain. This produced.mixed results in that when released it was buggy (like on nVidia 7900 cards you get a white tactical battle screen which caused a particular PC Gamer UK reviewer to claim the game was totally broken) AND even once fixed it was.meh. v1.4 is decent but it's no Master of Magic.

So the question is, what do you think we should do to describe Fallen Enchantress?

It exists in the same world but it's a very different game. It's not an expansion since there's not much of War of Magic specific stuff in it. But I hasten to call it a sequel because sequels imply a continuation of an existing series of gameplay mechanics none of which exist.

So what do you suggest we do to describe it to new players?
You certainly can't fault the man for his honesty.