The RPGs of 2012

The editors at GameInformer have cooked up a six-page feature that profiles a couple dozen role-playing games that are currently scheduled for release later this year. That number is ballooned by the inclusion of hybrids, MMORPGs, and a few assumptions, though:
Dragon Age III (maybe 2012?)

Along with the big confirmed RPGs on this list, I put in a couple of long shots. This is probably the longest. I fully expect Dragon Age III to be announced in 2012, but it's hard to say if it will be released. There was only 16 months between the release of Dragon Age: Origins and its sequel. If BioWare keeps to a similarly tight schedule for this entry, we could see Dragon Age III as one of EA's big fall releases. Then again, considering some of the issues the second game suffered from, maybe we'd be better off hoping that they take their time.


Krater (2012)

We don't know a ton about this upcoming downloadable title from Swedish studio Fatshark, but it's set in a Fallout or Borderlands-esque post-apocalyptic world and includes multiple classes to choose from with an emphasis on co-op, crafting, and meaningful choices. All of this sounds like a solid start to me.


The Secret World (April)

While there are more MMOs than ever vying for our attention next year, Funcom's The Secret World has a chance to make a strong argument. The unique modern day setting embraces the supernatural, myths, and conspiracy theories rather than the science fiction and fantasy clichés that most RPGs stick to. Three distinct factions should lead to plenty of intense PvP rivalries as well.