The Dark Eye: Demonicon Preview

The editors over at GameZone have slapped up a brief preview of Noumena Studios' The Dark Eye: Demonicon after checking out the forthcoming (and turbulent) RPG firsthand during a press demo given by publisher Kalypso Media. A couple of paragraphs to get you started:
Regarding the story, it's a little.weird. Players control a bald dude, who is a member of a magical family, including his twin sister. She had left her fiancée on the altar to enter a cave, where everyone thought she had gone to escape from her suitor. Instead, it turns out it was because some magical evils were going on in the cave and she wanted to stop it. By the time you get to the cave, she's injured, and this is when things get a little weird. For these twins, their father had warned them they they could not mix blood, as terrible things will happen. Also, there seems to be a lot of focus on the virginity of the lady twin, which is.odd.

That said, when your character heals his sister, they unfortunately mix blood, granting them magical abilities, and unleashing some sort of evil upon the world. It's early to see what's going on, but there are some unique ideas at play in this game--ideas I'm both curious about and creeped out about. Kinda hope they make it creepier!