Star Wars: The Old Republic Reviews

The very first wave of reviews for LucasArts and BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic are in, and you'd be hard-pressed to find more than a handful of negative words within them.

G4 gives it a 5/5:
I honestly have spent the last few years very seriously doubting that even BioWare could pull off something as frankly crazy as what The Old Republic is attempting to do. They have succeeded far beyond my admittedly high expectations. As a KOTOR fan, I finally have my long-awaited sequel(s). As an MMO fan, I am hooked. As a Star Wars fan, I am enthralled. I'm not going to lie to you - a good chunk of this was written while waiting to get through a server queue. I'm willing to bet a good chunk of you read it while doing the same, so let's all Alt-Tab over. We have a lot of game to play.

AusGamers gives it a 9.5/10:
BioWare have remarkably pulled a rabbit out of the hat with Star Wars: The Old Republic. While they haven't revolutionised MMO gameplay as we know it, they have delivered one of the best looking, most playable and most polished MMOs in history -- in fact, a level of polish you just don't expect from the genre.

Maxim gives it a 9/10:
Star Wars: The Old Republic represents a crowning achievement for BioWare, pushing the boundaries of what a video game can be and doing it with one of the most coveted and beloved franchises in human history. The only downside is that only PC gamers are being blessed with the gift of SWTOR so console gamers are all left out in the cold without even a light saber to keep them warm.

Ten Ton Hammer gives it an 88/100:
Still, Star Wars: The Old Republic is an excellent game overall, and one well worth spending your hard earned dollars on. Even if you play it for the expertly crafted class stories alone, you're sure to get more entertainment-per-dollar than any other RPG released this year. And yes, that even includes the current critic's darling, Skyrim.

Digital Trends gives it a 9/10:
The question on the table for today is whether or not Star Wars: The Old Republic delivers on the promise of a narrative-driven massively multiplayer role-playing game. The answer is an easy yes. Fans of Star Wars, MMOs and BioWare RPGs will find a whole lot to like here. Forgetting the subscription for a moment: $60 gets you one month of play in a game that includes eight RPG stories, all on the same basic scale as Knights of the Old Republic, and fully developed MMO features like PvP and endgame challenges. It's a hard package to say no to.

RoboAwesome gives it a 100%:
I have played a lot of MMORPGs. I have been playing them for over ten years now. I can honestly say that SWTOR is the best one I have ever played. The thing that excites me even more is the future of it. Bioware has already hinted at some great things they have planned. (Capital ships for guilds?! YES PLEASE) There is so much potential for great updates and expansions. New Races! New Planets! New Story! Star Wars is a rich universe and this game can really bank off of that. It really has that great Star Wars feel which is very important.

Examiner gives it a 4/5:
Truth be told, when I plunked my credits down for this sci-fi MMORPG title I was expecting your traditional fantasy MMO with lightsabers instead of swords and speeder bikes instead of horses but the Force is strong with this one. Star Wars: The Old Republic brings a deep personal adventure to play alongside all the traditional tropes and trappings of a MMORPG.

Elder Geek gives it a "Worth Buying":
So the question is (should you give Star Wars The Old Republic your time and your money?) If you're already a seasoned MMO player and a fan of the Star Wars Universe chances are you're already playing SWTOR anyway. If you're simply a fan of Star Wars or Bioware games in general then you still may want to give this game a try. It should be stated that there is more than enough to do in the game that you will get your $60 worth out of the 30 days that come with the purchase of the game. After that, the decision about an on-going subscription is yours to make.

Front Towards Gamer gives it a 9.5/10:
I recommend The Old Republic for anyone who is a fan of MMOs or a fan of KotOR; as Bioware told everyone during TOR's development, it is the closest thing to getting a sequel to the KotOR series. Bioware has done an amazing job upping the bar with story driven content that most people have become accustomed to in their online roleplaying games, while the combat and gameplay is as addictive as any MMO out there. For an MMO launch, SWTOR has had one of the smoothest, in terms of playability, which is great for early adopters. Sure, the game is not perfect, but it is one of my favourite games from the year, making it a very strong candidate for my Game of the Year.

And Just Push Start gives it a 4.5/5:
In the end, I can conclude that Star Wars: The Old Republic has the features that lets the game stands on its own two feet and it is not a clone of World of Warcraft. The new features that the game has to offer such as the multiple dialogue options, companions that can come along to aid you in your quest and full voice over dialogue are only a few of the biggest things that you can expect to experience in the game. Gamers who have been following BioWare games for quite some time can expect the Old Republic to get you involved in the story by doing quests, rather than World of Warcraft's somewhat boring story. Well, does this mean The Old Republic can take World of Warcraft down? Not at the moment as World of Warcraft has a bigger fanbase whereas The Old Republic is barely starting. However, once the word spreads out that The Old Republic is the revolution of MMORPG, then there's a chance.