Star Wars: The Old Republic Server Queues Are Here to Stay

In a new forum post penned by Star Wars: The Old Republic community manager Stephen Reid, we're literally told that significant server queues are going to be a reality in the sci-fi MMORPG for quite some time, though newcomers are at least provided with a list of servers to avoid if they want to keep the waiting to a minimum.
With this in mind, we wanted to notify everyone of some consistently high population servers. These servers are closing in on their absolute population cap (the maximum amount of players who can be on the server at any given time) and will likely have a queue to enter even at off-peak play times.

We strongly advise you to not create new characters on these servers, unless you are prepared to queue to play.

US-based servers

The Harbinger US West Coast - PvE
The Swiftsure US West Coast - PvP

The Fatman US East Coast - PvP

EU-based servers

Bloodworthy EU English - PvP
Frostclaw EU English - PvE
Legions of Lettow EU English - PvP
The Red Eclipse EU English - PvE
Tomb of Freedom Nadd EU English - PvP

Darth Revan's Mask EU German - PvP
Darth Traya EU German - PvP
Jar'Kai Sword - EU German - PvP

Hrakert Rift EU French - PvP

Many of you who are already playing on these servers are asking for solutions, and we understand your frustration. At this time we can only ask for your patience. Population caps are being gradually raised on these servers, but raising them too fast will create an influx of new players and perpetuate the problem. We do not expect the queues to alleviate on these servers for the foreseeable future. If you do not want to queue, you should consider playing on another server, many of which have very low or no queues.