Star Wars: The Old Republic Interview

Star Wars: The Old Republic senior writer Alex Freed addresses several questions about the game's impending launch, its crazy amount of voiced dialogue, how each class differs from each other, and more in a new two-page interview over at CVG. Here's a little something to start you off:
Do you think it's fair to say you've been able to write a more mature Star Wars story than we're used to seeing?

That's certainly not the way that we've looked at it. We've never gone in to it going, 'we want to do Star Wars for adults'. For us the touchstones have always been the films and probably more than any of the films The Empire Strikes Back.

When Star Wars is at its best it appeals to a wide range of age for a wide variety of reasons. It's got very goofy characters - C3PO is not a serious character and he actually fits in just fine with the darker moments of the Star Wars movies. We try to incorporate all of those aspects as best we can and just tell a good story.

And of course like the original KoTOR games, Old Republic gives the player some pretty difficult choices to make...

Yeah. BioWare to a larger degree has made its reputation from having big choices in its games. Those are the sort of things that people talk about when they talk about BioWare games, they ask, 'what did you do in this situation? What was the fallout you saw from it?'

That's what we were dedicated to brining in to The Old Republic from the beginning - having those rewarding and difficult choices throughout. Not every one is going to be world-shattering but they should at least be emotionally engaging - and then some of them should be world shattering.