Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun DLC Review

Another review for Dungeon Siege III's DLC Treasure of the Sun, has been written by the editors at WarpZoned, who seem pleased with the downloadable expansion and award it a 4/5.
If Dungeon Siege III borrowed much of its story from the Star Wars saga, Treasures of the Sun pilfers from another Lucasfilm creation to tell its tale: Indiana Jones. The Temple of Azunai contains several challenges that must be completed for the hero to be deemed worthy of obtaining a stone tablet. Let's just say that remembering (Only the penitent man will pass) and (The name of God) will be key to completing similar puzzles in Treasures of the Sun. Other Indiana Jones allusions are present throughout the expansion, and the only thing missing from The Vault is a minecart chase.

I also liked that the ending of Treasures of the Sun set up a huge new storyline that I hope Obsidian gets a chance to follow up on in a future expansion or even Dungeon Siege IV. It sounds like there's a grand master plan for the Dungeon Siege saga and I'm a sucker for a good grand master plan.


If you enjoyed Dungeon Siege III, Treasures of the Sun is an equally fun romp that is well worth your 800 Microsoft Points/$10. However, if you found Dungeon Siege III lacking in some way or you just don't like action RPGs, there's nothing too new here that'll change your mind.