Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun DLC Reviews

We have a new batch of reviews for Obsidian Entertainment's downloadable content pack for their oft-criticized foray into the hack'n'slash genre, Dungeon Siege III, which seem to point to an overall favorable reception of the DLC.

GameDynamo, 89%.
Treasures of the Sun is a well thought out DLC, giving you plenty of content for the money. On top of that, the expansion improves slightly what was in the main game, offering not only a challenge, but plenty of places to explore and new items and abilities to make any hardcore DS3 player happy.

ZTGD, 7.6/10.
Although the DLC doesn't really differ much in the way of gameplay, the story is solid and fun to play through. Even the side quests are entertaining. Add to that the new loot, enchanting and ability systems, and Treasures of the Sun is a piece of DLC that no Dungeon Siege III fan should be without. I must also add that if you have yet to play Dungeon Siege III, then now is a perfect time to pick it up, with many retailers selling it for next to nothing.

Worthplaying, 8.5/10.
Overall, Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun is a good DLC pack. For $10, players get three to five hours of gameplay per character in some neat new environments. You also get new abilities and a solidly written individual plot, so it's a good value for those who enjoyed the base game. Nothing here's going to change the minds of non-fans, though.

Platform Nation, 7/10.
If you're still playing Dungeon Siege III, and want to grow your character more, then I'd recommend picking this DLC up. The storyline is an interesting arc on the main quest, and the new abilities will certainly be useful to your character. It's a short quest, but the extra benefits (level cap increase, enchantments, respeccing, ultimate abilities) help make this pack worth consideration. There is nothing particularly earth shattering about the DLC as a whole, but it gives decent legs to an already fun game. You're getting more of the same with this DLC, so take it or leave it depending on how much you enjoyed the core game.

PS3Attitude, scoreless.
Treasures of the Sun is a welcomed add-on to Dungeon Siege III as it expands upon the basic premise and gameplay mechanics set forth in the main storyline. Dungeons now feature deadly traps and puzzles, in addition to more powerful enemies. You're going to need every bit of the increased level cap and new enchantment system/ultimate abilities to survive. Overall, if you're looking to get in a few more good hours of gameplay out of DSIII, $9.99 isn't a bad deal, all things considered.