Deus Ex: Human Revolution Soundtrack Review

I'd rather not see Deus Ex: Human Revolution overshadowed by some of the other great titles that have come out since the cyberpunk prequel, so I'm going to point you over to this new review of the game's official soundtrack on RPGFan. No score is given, but I'll leave you with the closing paragraph:
Deus Ex: Human Revolution's soundtrack stays faithful to a consistent theme and you'll find familiar rhythm patterns and instruments throughout. Much of the latter is comprised of synthetic sounds, with a fair share of organics (usually vocals) woven in - almost like a commentary of the game itself and its fusion of technology to man. Even in the score, DXHR's cyber-renaissance theme remains intact. Despite the slower and at times less memorable themes, the OST has plenty of strong moments in its main themes and fresh material in the re-arranged tracks to make it worth your while, and your $10 - even moreso if you don't already own the Augmented Edition version of the OST.