PC Gamer's Favorite Skyrim Mods

I've been having a tough time pulling myself away from Skyrim since it landed on my hard drive this weekend, so I'm pretty unfamiliar with how the modding scene is coming together. That's alright, though, because PC Gamer has already pored through dozens of mods already available to bring us this list of their favorite ten:
1. Detailed Faces and No More Blocky Faces

A pair of mods by Xenius that make small improvements to the faces of Skyrim's NPCs. No More Blocky Faces decompresses face textures to create smoother noses and chins for the previously slightly square character models, while Detailed Faces slightly improves the face textures for most races.


7. Interface Hard Coded key tweaks

Skyrim's interface can be really awkward, Hard Coded key tweaks aims to improve that. Now you can (for instance) turn lockpicks with whatever direction keys you chose, not just WASD, and many other simple improvements.
Should I take their word for it and jump on this interface mod? Or is there a better one available?