Dark Souls Reviews

We have rounded up a new batch of reviews for From Software's console-exclusive action-RPG Dark Souls, which confirm the positive reception the title has received so far.

GamerFront, 4.5/5.
Despite the game's intense difficulty and the small lack in storyline, Dark Souls is an amazing game. I have had a lot of fun playing through it, and I've still got plenty to go through before I am done. With amazing visuals, compelling gameplay, and difficulty that will keep you playing for plenty of hours on end, Dark Souls is the perfect title for any hardcore gamer, or RPG fan out there who's looking for a challenge. The bottom line: prepare to die a lot, with a smile on your face each time you come back.

GameRant, 4.5/5.
Dark Souls is a brilliant RPG that successfully builds upon and expands the feature set of Demon's Souls. If you were a fan of the previous game, buy Dark Souls without hesitation. However, for those new to the series, the decision is not as simple. If you are easily susceptible to high-blood pressure, frustration, throwing objects at loved ones while stressed, and/or heart attacks, this is not the game for you. Do yourself a favor and wait for Skyrim to get your RPG fix.

But if you consider yourself the hardest of the hardcore, think modern gaming is too easy, and are looking for a challenging RPG experience, you won't want to miss out on Dark Souls. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

My Gaming, 86%.
Old school gamers will absolutely thrive on the challenges posed by the game, as well as its uncompromising and at times almost punishing way of '˜teaching'.

If you're not on your toes at all times, if you don't learn the skills necessary, from combat to stamina management, and if you are slow in recognizing the patterns the game gives you it will chew you through and spit you out.

You will end up frustrated and annoyed, possibly even with one or two shattered controllers. You might ask yourself the same question I did every now and then: '˜Where is the fun in that?'

News10, A-.
Dark Souls may be brutal, Dark Souls may be overly challenging, and Dark Souls may be invitingly unforgiving; but Dark Souls is a great way to voluntarily go through video game hell.

GameTactics, 8/10.
Dark Souls overall is a great, solid game that's definitely worth picking up if you're into a challenging experience. If on the other hand you aren't looking for a tough and punishing experience I'd advise you steer clear of this game. There is so much in this game that is beautiful from armor and weapon design to the environments and enemies. The combat is very solid and rewarding once you get the hang of it and the wide variety of enemies keeps it very fresh and you'll always be learning new ways to deal with them. Dark Souls seriously throws down the gauntlet and will not hold back so you better make sure you want a challenge before you pick up this game.

Scripps News, 4.5/5.
"Dark Souls" is a remarkable role-playing game that takes itself very seriously and in doing so cuts few corners and delivers on nearly every promise. This is truly a haunting and fulfilling game; RPG fans should snatch it up immediately.