Dungeon Gate Announced

Despite the fact that they're still hammering away on Dhaila's Adventures, Quebec-based Wild Games Studio has just announced the development of Dungeon Gate, a new third-person RPG/adventure title that looks far bloodier than anything we've seen from the independent developer to date. See for yourself, in this announcement trailer:

And here's the press release:
Wild Games Studio announces (Dungeon Gate) video game

Wild Games Studio Inc. announced the development of an open-ended RPG/Adventure game. Dungeon Gate will be a game for PC and Mac. We will show our first trailer and Alpha demo at the (Montreal International Game Summit 2011) on November 1 and 2.

Dysan possesses unknown extraordinary powers. He has special skills, including one which can absorb the energy of nature directly through his DNA. He can also absorb the DNA of other creatures, making Dysan able to acquire their shape and skills at any time. Dysan will leave to search for his origins, while trying to release the Barrillian world of the influence of the tyrant.

The story is set in the fantasy world of Barrillian. The tyrant forced the people into submission and forced them to work through the influence he has over all the dragons. Extracting from the tyrant the precious stones of the mines to enhance his magical skills, the people are unwillingly witnessing the gain of magical powers of the tyrant.

Key Features :

'¢ 3 huge open worlds to explore
'¢ 7 big dungeons with traps, puzzles and challenging fights
'¢ More than 70 foes to drain and play with
'¢ Detailed and upgradable skill tree for each characters
'¢ More than 40 hours of gameplay
'¢ Multiplayer
'¢ Storyline with multiple paths and endings
'¢ Release date : Q1 2012

About Wild Games Studio
Based in Mascouche, Quebec, Canada, Wild Games Studio Inc. is a new video game developer with a global vision devoted to creating games that are original and innovative. Wild Games Studio Inc. began operations in November 2009 and creates games on PC/Mac PS3, Xbox 360. Mobile and Facebook.

Wild Games Studio Inc. enhances the ability to be a competitive industry leader.

To learn more, please visit www.wildgamestudio.com.