Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview and Video Interview

In addition to a new video interview with Star Wars: The Old Republic community manager Stephen Reid on FragWorld that deals with the team's post-launch community plans, there's another class-specific preview up on Ten Ton Hammer that dives head first into the Republic Trooper.
I doubt that Star Wars: The Old Republic offers a more straightforward class than the Republic Trooper, at least over the first ten or so levels. You knock enemies over with explosions and the you blast them till you run out of Ammo, then you blast them with basic attacks, occasionally using a stim or medpak to get through a tough fight.

I never had to change tactics to, say, deal with humanoid opponents as opposed to droids, or react to a boss enemy's tells. Unlike my experience with the Jedi Knight, I didn't particularly enjoy acrobatically cutting my way through groups of enemies as the Trooper I'd skirt around enemies whenever possible. I didn't care as much about maximizing experience gains as much as I cared about getting to the next fascinating story twist.

Pre-level 9, the excitement of the game as a Trooper was mostly of the button mashing, dice rolling nature, but things become more interesting with the addition of my companion. Aric deals (and soaks up) a surprising amount of damage, and provides some interesting dialogue options. Though I've mostly managed to stay on Aric's good side, I could tell how our relationship could become icy at any number of junctures.