Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin DLC Reviews

We have rounded up three new, a little more mixed while still mostly positive reviews for BioWare's latest DLC offering, Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin, which so far seems to be doing better than its predecessor, Legacy, and Dragon Age: Origins' DLC packs.

Joystiq, scoreless, but they're clearly not too pleased with it.
There's an interesting story running through Mark of the Assassin, but it's bogged down in more of the same things that grew tiring and predictable in Dragon Age 2 proper. If you're willing to grind through monotonous encounters to see a goofier, lighter Dragon Age 2 quest, then Mark of the Assassin might be worth a look. But if you've had your fill of Dragon Age 2's repetitive combat design and limited environments, this is a party you can probably skip.

Official Xbox Magazine, 7.5/10.
Thankfully, that's no more of a dealbreaker than a few lines of awkward, out-of-place humor (Really, Fenris? A poop joke?), even if both missteps steal some of the fun. Tallis brings a lot of cheeky levity to an otherwise serious quest, and along with Mark's willingness to dabble in new gameplay and locations, she's the biggest draw.

VGRevolution, scoreless.
The DLC is not overly long, but about the length of the previous DLC if I remember right. If you enjoyed Dragon Age II and the past DLC then you should check out The Mark of the Assasin DLC pack.