Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road DLC Reviews

We have rounded up some more reviews for the last story-based DLC for Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas, the foreboding and oppressive Lonesome Road, which despite some near-unanimous praise for its atmosphere is garnering some very mixed reviews.

The Adrenaline Vault, 4/5 with a "buy it" recommendation.
If your love of New Vegas comes from variety, dialogue, and multiple interrelated quests, Lonesome Road might not be right title for you. It's completion doesn't offer all that much by way of loot and add-ons, aside from one or two neat new weapons and items. Of course, your maximum level cap is raised, and that's always a good little bonus. I will also say that the final resolution didn't seem as epic as it should have been, given the focused build-up to the eventual showdown and confrontation.

Lonesome Road, despite a few flaws and let-downs, falls on the positive side of the fence. It's almost an answer to those who raised issues with the styles of the previous DLC installments. For offering something different, once again I give it a thumbs up and recommend it, as so long as you understand the type of game you're getting when you buy it.

RPGFan, scoreless.
Despite being short and linear, Lonesome Road delivers a solid experience for diehard Fallout fans and casual fans alike. The narrative spurs you on to continue walking the Divide in search of answers about who you were before the events of New Vegas and who your choices will eventually force you to become.

True PC Gaming, scoreless.
Lonesome Road lasted this reviewer about six hours and most of it was a chore to play through. With that being said, it's not quite worth the $10. But you know what is? The other DLCs. The pervading dullness of Lonesome Road is made only more obvious when compared to the life and energy that is found in Obsidian's other DLC chapters. However, it's not all bad. It had some good moments most of which involved some truly desperate, white-knuckle combat against the high-level Tunnelers and Deathclaws. But for the most part, Lonesome Road's evident dullness does more to red-flag it as the weakest link in New Vegas' DLC chain than showcase it as a worthy purchase. One last word of advice: Lonesome Road is intended for players leveled 25 or higher.

Video Game Nostalgia, scoreless.
Lonesome Road is a fitting closing to The Couriers story, even if the story doesn't allow for more exploration then a Fallout title usually presents. Still, it's a must have for Fallout fans.

Finally, GameTrailers has a video review pod, 5.7/10.