The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Details

After reading the preview that was published on the latest issue of PC Gamer UK Bethesda forum user 'Y2Rimmer' posted some details on the official forums, some of which should count as very positive for people who have played previous Bethesda games. Here are some of the most notable:
'¢ He describes how the weather changed from a light snow, to heavy and then a full on blizzard at which point he can barely see where he was going. I like this!

'¢ You can get meat from a horse carcass.


'¢ Cooking turns raw stuff into stews for long term effects such as venison stew which steadily regenerates health for 5 minutes. Blacksmithing turns metal ores into weapons/armours but some of these are locked out until you get the right perk.

'¢ Enchanting shrines allow you to add spell effects to any weapon and destroy magical weapons to learn their enchantments.


'¢ If you kill everyone who saw you commit a crime, you'll get a message saying there are no surviving witnesses

'¢ Going to prison and serving your sentence doesn't result in your skills reducing. Instead the progress towards your next point in a few skills will be a reset.

'¢ Player explores the city of Riften which has a river running through it. Cobbled streets with sharp drops to the water below. Below are subterraneon dwellings with their doors almost at water level, connected by wooden piers. Apparently there is a network down there called the ratways where the Theives guild is. Matt Carafano says Riften is a rundown lake down set in a beautiful forest area. Markarth on the other hand is built in an ancient dwarven ruin in cliff sides. Solitude is more like a castle city, Windhelm is like an ancient Nordic fortress and Whiterun is more of the classic Viking feel 'mountain-style' in the tundra.

'¢ Chances of successfully pick pocketing depends on the value of the item.