Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road DLC Reviews

We have another batch of reviews for Fallout: New Vegas last major piece of downlodable content, Lonesome Road, and they appear to be pretty much all favorable towards the post-apocalyptic DLC, in stark contrast with the ones we've rounded up so far.

Piki Geek, 4/5.
Lonesome Road is a hefty bit of content, clocking in at just under 8 hours, though, your mileage may vary depending on how often you die. It's also the only New Vegas DLC I feel comfortable calling a (must own), even though I ultimately enjoyed Old World Blues more. Lonesome Road ties up the main story line and answers the remaining questions about your background, thereby making it essential to anyone who gives a damn about the game's story.

Even though there were more (Oh fucks), (god damnits) and (sons of bitches) exclaimed than at any other point in my time spent with New Vegas, Lonesome Road is worth the $10 (800 Microsoft Points) price of admission. Come for the story, stay for the loot.

GameFront clearly disliked the primary antagonist, though probably not for the reasons antagonists are usually disliked, 75/100.
But it's not all talking, on the Lonesome Road you'll explore what is probably the most interesting environments found in a Fallout game to date. Really, I can't understate the triumph of the design team here. The Divide is ravaged far more than other places in the Mojave Wasteland; the terrain itself has been altered, and so you'll walk through buildings that are tilted at an angle or that are comely toppled, and at one point I found myself wandering through a cave that was made from buildings falling against each other. It's was exhilarating.

It's a shame, then, that exploration is hardly encouraged, as for the most part the Lonesome Road is a very linear experience. But that's OK, because the journey is for the most part very interesting. Now, if only that one guy would have shut up.

Blistered Thumbs, on the other hand quite enjoyed the narrative, but also notes not everyone may enjoy it, 8/10.
In the end, Lonesome Road has put me in an awkward position. The DLC does some very interesting things with its storyline, and really doesn't have any big detracting factors from it in terms of its quality. The only real bug I found was an enemy clipped through the floor and continued to follow me around for a bit, grunting at me. It was sort of like being followed by an invisible linebacker that's too passive for his own good. So, let me say this: Lonesome Road is a great piece of DLC, but it's one that you need to look up some video on to really decide whether or not you want to spend the cash. Watch some video, play it at a buddy's house, or whatever you choose. This just isn't one of those things you want to impulse buy, despite how good it is.

Finally, Trendkiller Online seems to be the most negative, noting that the DLC's linearity is at odds with the philosophy of the Fallout franchise in their scoreless review.
This in no way makes this DLC bad, It's just hard for me to recommend this to anyone other than a Fallout fanatic or a completionist. If you never ever played a Fallout game before but are looking to get into New Vegas now, I would recommend waiting for the inevitable game of the year edition. Simply put, this DLC is not representative of the greater Fallout series, It exists for those looking to put a cap on New Vegas, to finish it off, to get 100% completion. In the end it is enjoyable, if not a bit misled, but it should not be any gamers introduction to Fallout as it may make for a less than stellar first impression.

With that said, I salute Bethesda (and Obsidian) for what has been a thoroughly enjoyable game in New Vegas. but it's clearly time to bring on Fallout 4!!