Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road DLC Reviews

Coming on the heels of the excellently-reviewed Old World Blues, it's difficult to imagine the folks at Bethesda and Obsidian being pleased with the reception of the last story-based DLC for Fallout: New Vegas so far, Lonesome Road, as this first batch of reviews is very mixed, with linearity and a confusing story being common complaints.

Atomic Gamer compares it to Mass Effect 2's Arrival and awards it a disappointing 6/10, while still wishing for Obsidian to work on the franchise again.
I'm reminded of Mass Effect 2's Arrival DLC, a half-baked little add-on that ended an otherwise grand and epic game with a bit of a whimper. But where BioWare got some leeway from gamers in the knowledge that there was a bright future ahead and that Mass Effect 3 was on the way, this unsatisfying conclusion to the New Vegas saga leaves me kind of upset that it had to end this way - and a little concerned for Obsidian's future, especially since the studio has already had to lay off people in the last year and we know of no other AAA games they've got up their sleeves. With any luck, Obsidian already has another major project lined up, and if not, then maybe Bethesda will task them with creating Fallout 4 using the Creation engine (which powers Skyrim) or maybe RAGE's id Tech 5 engine. It seems pretty much certain that we'll see another major Fallout release, sooner or later, and despite the Lonesome Road disappointment, I for one hope that our friends at Obsidian remain at the helm.

Gamer Limit is more positive but still wished for more, 7.5/10.
Overall Lonesome Road is a fairly standard romp through the world of Fallout, but I can't help but expect more out of the game's supposed final expansion. While the experience overall is enjoyable, other than the very end; after everything is said and done and your choice is made, there isn't anything truly exciting on offer on this DLC.

The Controller Online, 6/10.
Coming close on the heels of Old World Blues, which was fantastic, Lonesome Road is a let down. The story is relevant and very interesting but the gameplay does not fit with the main theme of Fallout New Vegas. Lonesome Road could have been told in one long cut-scene to save you the trouble. Unless you're just in it for the new loot, your money is better spent on Dead Money or Old World Blues.

Just Push Start (which for some reason thinks the Plasma Defender was added by the DLC), 3.5/5.
Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road is a fitting end for the story of the courier but due to the lack of content/replayability it is a disappointment following the hugely successful Old World Blues. While the story and some of the characters will have you enjoying the experience the rest of the add-on will make that feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment will quickly fade. This is best for those who are heavy duty Fallout fans and those who can look past the problems in the downloadable content.

Empty Lifebar is by far the most positive so far, and awards the DLC a perfect score, 5/5.
Once Ulysses has made his intentions clear it's up to you to find him. Along the way you'll learn about the past you share and his strange fascination with you. You and him will have an ending to things, a meeting between two Couriers that will be remembered for years to come. Your choices at the end of the road have the chance to affect the Mojave, and thus, the rest of your game. There are numerous choices, and thus several different endings. No matter your decision in the end, feel free to sit back and relax, it's been a long journey, but it's finally over. Lonesome Road is by far the best Fallout DLC yet, adding tons of new weapons and gear, new combat scenarios, and a well-written story. The way in which the tale ends makes it feel as though it had always been planned as one of the installments. One possible complaint regarding the add-on is the lack of characters to speak with. Aside from Ulysses and your companion, the only voices you'll hear are that of pre-recorded Holotapes of the long-dead.

Still, Lonesome Road is an amazing journey, one that Fallout has been without. This DLC is a must buy for any Fallout fan, the hours of new content, amount of exploration, and unique environments make the add-on more than worth the $ 1o it costs. Lonesome Road lends itself to numerous play-throughs for those who want to see the different endings and the ways in which the Mojave might be affected.