Legends of Dawn's Non-linearity, Character Development, and Trilogy Plans Outlined

After this weekend's teaser trailer and media for Dreamatrix's Legends of Dawn, there was some confusion about what sort of camera system the game would utilize and whether or not it was to be considered a hack n' slash title or more of a traditional RPG. To set the record straight, we reached out to the company and received an elaborate clarification that also outlines their future plans (it's the first title in a trilogy) while providing a list of notable features.  Lots of good information here:
There will be top-down perspective camera in the game. It can be freely rotated around the main hero and you can zoom in and out. This is not a pure hack'n slash game, but [it has] a lot of similar elements. At this moment, we cannot afford an expensive production and fancy advertising, but the ideas within our work already distinguishes it from others significantly.

We are open and willing to try and include new ideas. We invite your readers to join our forum to present and discuss their ideas and whatever they would like to see us include in the game. Legends Of Dawn will be a trilogy, the next two sequels are already in the works and it would be exciting to see some suggestions included in them to an extent.

There is so much to be discovered in the game but some of the most important features include:

'¢ Character generator with a choice of three races (Human, Elf and Danian) and two genders (Male and Female).

'¢ The player has five primary ability scores (strength, dexterity, vitality, intelligence, charisma), and seven resistance characteristic to cold, fire, electric, acid, poison, disease and magic. There are over thirty-five skills that could be developed during the game that add bonuses for assault and defence, enable crafting and the like.

'¢ The player is able to make hundreds of different items by crafting with the resources they find, steal, buy, harvest (woods,plants and mushrooms) or mine (ores and metals). Items are divided into regular, magical and specially crafted; each offering special bonuses. Some items are unidentified and require the player to seek out an oracle stone to aid with identification.

'¢ Chests with items are usually locked and the player has to unlock them using runes, which can also be used for crafting magic.

'¢ In such cases, the player can customise their magic ranging from simple healing, to the more complex spells that work on the environment and influence monsters in different ways (cold/fire damage, poisons and so on).

'¢ Items can also be sacrificed to the gods who endow different blessings to the player. (Blessing of Perun/Svarog/Veles)

'¢ The Legends of Dawn game uses streaming resource throughout, meaning that all models, materials, shaders and texture loads during gameplay. Once the game is loaded, there is no further appearance of the loading screen during the game.

'¢ This game unfolds on a big map and in a row of dungeons beneath it. Players will travel through cities, deserted villages, forts, unexplored forests, mountains and a host of other different locations. All without wasting time staring at loading screens.

'¢ There are over twenty different dungeons choked with traps, monsters and treasure. During the exploration of the continent, the players can fight with hundreds of monsters and humanoid opponents. The opponents are designed in such a way that takes the topography of the land into consideration. They have more variety of attacks, make appearances relative to the time of day (day or night), fight in groups and possess attacks that are complementary to that of other monsters in their proximity.

In addition to all that, the game is entirely non-linear. One could choose to follow the quests linearly, one after the other, or freely explore the world without fear of ambush. The game includes many story quests and over twenty achievements that the player could fulfill.
The company also plans to release a series of books later this year, in case you're looking for some new fantasy reading material.