Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road DLC Holotape #1

To prepare players for the release of the last story-based DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, Lonesome Road, Bethesda will be releasing a "holotape", an audio recording that can be found in the DLC itself, every week, as detailed in this post on the Bethblog. For the first release they have Obsidian's project director Chris Avellone on board to comment on what these recordings mean in the bigger picture of the DLC's story arc:
Lonesome Road brings the DLC story arc to a close events that were first hinted at in New Vegas and Dead Money come to pass, as the last of the DLC cast of characters, Ulysses, reveals himself. For a time, we just introduced him through the perspectives of other characters, a description of another Courier who wore an Old World flag on his back, and in Old World Blues, a mysterious figure who marked his presence through graffiti and holotapes left in the Big Empty.

But those holotapes weren't the only recordings. Ulysses carried more on his journey back to the Divide, and used them to chronicle his past and yours. As your Courier will discover in Lonesome Road, these recordings of Ulysses are buried in the wreckage and storms of the Divide. As you walk the road, you'll have a chance to hear the history of the courier who has spent years hunting you down.

This is the first of a series of holotapes your Courier may find in the Divide. While we, as developers only knew a few things for certain about your player character's history, Ulysses can shed more light on past events and events to come.

Here is the direct link for this brief (1:08) recording.