Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP Preview

GameFront offers us a meaty preview of BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic Player vs. Player mode, although the site's editors come back with mixed impressions of their experience. Here's a sampling:
Staying next to my fellow writers, I too found myself sitting at a computer readied with an Imperial Agent. I, however, was specialized as an Operative. My character was able to drop down cover and detonate thermal charges when caught in a fire-fight, but preferred to sneak invisibly around the map, executing hidden stabs on enemies and secret health boosts to allies.

It took only a single stand-off for me to realize I had absolutely no chance against a Jedi and even less against any other two classes working together. When it comes to combat, I couldn't let them see my face. While this isn't usually how I would choose to play a game, I was okay with the clear disadvantage so long as I made up for it in another way.

But I didn't. Even when I activated my cloak, moved at a snail's pace across the entire map, positioned myself behind a lone guard, and executed an assassination technique only a fraction of the enemy's health was chipped. This gave them ample opportunity to not only turn around and dispatch me on their own, but also call for (and receive) backup just in case. Admittedly, this was made extra frustrating by the fact that all (headset) commands were issued just behind me in the same real-world room. I got to hear my discovery, conquest, and celebration just feet away.

So the Imperial Agent is a support class. But why? What reason is there for me to have no chance of standing on my own? Especially for a game developed by a Western developer, for a Western audience, the ability to solo or at least have a chance is paramount. How many people watch Star Wars and say, (You know, being Han or Luke would be alright, but I really wish I could stand behind one of them and provide covering fire while they do all the cool stuff?) The answer is none.

And I get it, we've had healers and supporters since the dawn of MMORPG's so no veterans are going to have a problem with it. But again, why is that okay? To bring up T.E.R.A. again a Korean MMO may I remind you the understanding of the Western market is forefront to the development changes being made for the game's U.S. release. Every class in T.E.R.A. has both the prowess to solo, and the ability to support a dynamic party. That means a healer can buff, benefit, and bring back a squad to their heart's content, but they can also bash, beat, and burn any enemy that crosses their lone adventure. That is what I want from Star Wars.